Solution to ranked.

I love this game or loved I may say due to fact that it is nearly impossible to play. I have a solution how to solve problem of people in ranked who doesn't have logic and thinking to be able to analyze basics of the game. Solution is to - require IQ test before allow players to ranked. Below IQ of average all must not be allowed to play ranked. I don't want to be mean but this is what I see in ranked on this server. People are just slow in brain. I am not insulting anyone by that it is just for people whom we call trolls. They are slow in brain that they aren't able to enjoy game so they troll and make our match waste. its just fuckng impossible to play on NA. Please somehow put EU server closer or something to US so people like me can play there. Or put English language option on Latino servers just the settings and announcer. Good luck to all who wastes time in grinding out of shit called bronze or silver. Who knows maybe gold and up is same.
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