The fact is: Riot doesn't love their game anymore.

It's evident and it's been evident for the past couple of seasons, it's just this season where they've been absolutely blatant about it. Somewhere in the middle of season 8, Riot stopped seeing League as a community of loyal players hoping to see their game grow to newer heights and instead began to see their players as money making pigs out to slam money on the table whenever a new skin came out. They've given up on investing time and resources into making League of Legends a better gaming experience and instead decided to invest all of their resources into skin after skin, golden chroma after golden chroma, with unbelievable selling prices, I mean $100+ for a prestige skin? That does everything its standard skin does but with gold colors? Riot has given up on offering us actual quality content and instead has decided to cover everything under false and disingenuous pretenses of 'exclusivity'. I'd like to remind everyone that if you can get a skin by slamming $100 bucks at any time, it doesn't really make the skin that prestigious. With prestige points, Riot's just using a cheap and filthy tactic to milk and fuel the player base's desire for personalizing their champions, all to make an extra buck- or a hundred. When was the last time Riot introduced something non-cosmetic into the game that was there to better the gaming experience? When was the last unique game mode other than TFT? At the commencement of Season 9 all Riot has done to change the player-experience was revise their rank system, bring back ARURF for a while and introduce TFT. We've had 3 major special skin events this season that have offered nothing but more skins and more prestige skins, more avenue for profit, basically. I'm not even going to start with the scummy mess that are little legends. And now, just announced, is Eternals, Riot's new scummiest way to milk more cash from their players, and what are they selling this time? Statistics and additional achievements. Yup, that's right, they're selling stats and achievements to players, and at what selling price? 850RP for a set of three eternals for one champion. Yup. One champion. 850RP. Achievements and statistics. 850RP. I know the number one counter argument to this is: if you don't like it, don't buy it. But that's the thing, we all want to personalize our champions, add exclusive content for our mains and one-tricks, and Riot knows this which is why they're milking the shit out of this. Instead of giving us content that we'd gladly pay for such as announcer packs, map skins, and other things that can actually help excite the actual playing-experience, here we are offered, again, extra achievements and statistics all at about slightly above $5. Such a minuscule addition to the game priced at $5+ is not okay. No one should be supporting Riot's cheap and scummy tactics to fish money out of you. At this point, League of Legends is a dying game. "Special" event after "special" event, all we see are the same old skins, same old tokens, same old outrageously expensive prestige skins. Riot refuses to give us ACTUAL progressive features that could make the game more exciting, instead they're using their scummy business models to squeeze as much money out of their players as possible, offering additional features AT A PRICE. This is not okay. I've been a loyal player invested in the game for the past few years, as a player, I feel highly disrespected to be offered features I have to pay unreasonable prices for. I'm aware this game is dying, and that's because Riot refuses to give players new experiences, none that are free apparently. I'm not begging for free stuff, I spend way more than I should on skins, icons and emotes. That's just the thing, I don't think players should have to pay big money for "eternals". Paying for cosmetics is fine because it's like paying for new clothes. Paying for eternals kind of feels like I'm paying to see my credit score.
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