riot has decided that positional matchmaking wasn't the best and are removing it

now if only riot could decide that old zac mains, hate the new zac, and that the zac rework did nothing to accomplish giving zac "more options after E than just pressing R W" zac didn't get more options, every zac E's in, presses R, goes whatever direction their turret is, and that's it. no more options than old zac had. they removed zac's options of being a top laner, mid laner or a jungler, at this point he's a support they've removed any diversity in zac's build. you have to go full tank, maybe a mask, and that's it. no half ap half tank fighter, no full ap assassian mage, only full tank zac, the new ult has no synergy with building ap, unlike the old one where you could E in, ult, and be far away before the person could touch you, with new zac, if you're full ap you don't even have the option to actually use the ability for what it's meant to do, you have to tap it, and it pushes them a short distance away, and once they're on the ground you're fucked. all the zac rework accomplished was giving zac over a 100% ban rate upon release. 100% gut his damage, and make him an lcs only pick, there's no more room to carry you can do EVERYTHING RIGHT, with the new zac, guess what? enemies are going to take no damage, and if your team can't capitalize on your 4 seconds of CC, nothing you did matters and you're not as tanky as a jax, xin, shyvanna, olaf new zac feels like shit to play well. he can't tank better than a fighter let alone other tanks, and if he does everything PERFECT, YES PERFECT, it won't matter if his teammates are your average league player. REVERT {{champion:154}} there have been SOOO many posts with 50+ 100+ upvotes, we've went into the DEVELOPMENT CORNER and gotten a question about zac on the front page within the first 10 hours, and nobody at riot responded, NOBODY, they'd respond to posts with 1 upvote, but not the zac post that nobody can miss. leblancs can get a revert rengar can get a revert, anyone can get a damn revert except for zac, THEY WON'T EVEN TALK ABOUT HIM. man I just want zac to get some attention, buffs, anything would be nice, it doesn't have to be a full revert.... ;/ I doubt this post will do anything once again.
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