Today Was A Good Day

Sometimes, League of Legends sucks. The game and balance may stink, the people playing the game may stink, but something that continues amazing me with this game is that it constantly brings people together. Today while playing I was getting certain people, no not the jerks who troll and feed and flame, but those certain people who are really amazing to talk to, make the terrible situations that one may experience in the game a little more bearable, those who help everybody have fun. And I love it, having these types of people on my team make the game so much fun. So today, I went into draft mode, my mode of choice, and got support and decided to play some Sona{{champion:37}} , something I haven't done in a bit. This was my team: Top:{{champion:76}} Mid:{{champion:236}} Bot: {{champion:222}} & {{champion:37}} Jung: {{champion:75}} The Enemy team had these peeps: Top: {{champion:35}} Mid: {{champion:84}} Bot: {{champion:22}} & {{champion:61}} Jung: {{champion:141}} Like every game I play I start out with the "GLHF" in all chat, and the game begins. Suddenly little things in all chat start appearing, I was prepared to /muteall because it's just what I typically encounter in many games, I was ready for the barrage of insults, but no. It wasn't any of that. Everybody was nice to eachother, my mid was giving the enemy mid advice because they were still learning, we spoke about the champions we usually main, and it was so nice. I decided to go out on a limb and jokingly mention something along the lines of this in all chat, I felt comfortable but was ready for anything that could come: > **Omg can you all be my friends, my bf doesn't play league and i have no friends** And I was ready, I braced myself for the "OMG YOU'RE A GIRL" comment, which came from my ADC, but I got something else: > **OMG YOU'RE A GIRL SONA? SO AM I** And then my mid in response to her > **DUDE I'M HER BOYFRIEND** And then the enemy mid > **OMG SO AM I** And we kept talking and talking and our top laner was a hoot to talk to, and we made a queue with the 5 of us and played a couple more games. I found friends! Even better was talking in League Voice, where we could crack even more jokes (we are all around the same age range too!) I'm so happy, that in this muddy pool of the league of legends community, where something is always lurking around ready to bite you, there is always a group of people that you can be apart of. {{sticker:galio-happy}} *** I'm thinking about writing and posting more about the good and bad interactions in matches, maybe some fun stories could arise out of it? I don't know yet, I'm really enjoying the good parts of the discussion boards and want to contribute, should I?
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