Is it justified to "troll" when your teammate bans your one trick?

I am an Akali one trick, I have it in my name and my club tag. Twice within the past 5 games, my teammate decided to ban Akali because "Learn to play the game" "I always ban Akali" etc. It's actually so annoying because I either have to dodge, or play a champion I am bad at and then get flamed by my team for "inting". I don't understand what goes on these people's heads. They ban someone one trick intentionally, then flame for not doing good when they literally have their one trick banned by them? What is going on?? EDIT :Ok let me restate my question. Is it ok to not do as well because my teammate intentionally banned my one trick? No I have no intention of losing the game I just find it really annoying because I WANT to play my champion and my team ends up flaming me "Why are you so bad on ___ champion"
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