Riot, since you clearly don't understand, let me tell you exactly what you're missing.

WE DO NOT WANT ETERNALS. There ya go. We just don't want them. They add literally nothing useful to the game. There is absolutely no reason to add them other than to show off some stats that don't even matter. Kills, deaths, assists, cs, and how they happen are not nearly as important as macro decisions. You know what I would actually consider paying for? A system that tells me *EXACTLY* when I should have rotated, where I should have rotated, and why I should have rotated. Oh wait, that already exists. IT'S CALLED COACHING. Nobody cares about stuff like "you've killed the enemy with your ultimate x times" or "you've killed this guy x times and this guy x times". I literally do not understand why anyone would purchase a few eternals over a skin. For the price of three eternals, you could get renektoy. Renektoy is probably my favorite 750 rp skin. Like, why would anyone choose this boring trash when you could have Renektoy? Or an even better skin like one from the project line maybe (excluding the most recent ones). They could literally be purchasable with BE all year round and I would still never buy one. Like, why does Riot think this will make money? I don't understand. I get why cosmetics make money. I get why little legend surprise mechanics make money. I don't get how eternals would make money. Also I'm going to bring up custom announcers because I want them so bad. I want them more than anything else. I'll keep asking until we get them. I'd easily pay $20 just to hear Tyler1 yell "YOU HAVE NO MANA" every time I get low on mana. Hey, Riot, you want some money? Give us more announcers. Edit: 116 upvotes vs 13 downvotes and people think I don't speak for the community? Excuse me? Do you know how to do basic math? Last I checked, 108 > 13. Please don't comment if you're going to be a sheep. Yes, that means both those who agree and disagree with me for the sake of picking a side.
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