K/DA Evelynn question

So say K/DA has finished a tour and all the girls go back to their homes. Akali and Evelynn share a luxurious 3 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles to save money and time. One night Eve wants to go out to party after a long session with the studio and the rest of K/DA Akali wants to stay in and work on lyrics, so Evelynn goes out by herself. Akali is still awake working when Eve comes back with a very sexy man and they go into Eve's room Akali starts hearing some strange and disturbing noises coming from Evelynn's room, but she thinks nothing of it and goes to bed because its late Because of her former ninja training to stay fit, Akali wakes up much earlier than Eve does, so when Evelynn emerges from her room; Akali notices that there is no sign of the sexy man. Do you think Akali would confront Eve about what happened to the guy or do anything about his disapperance? https://i.imgur.com/bpZ9g9C.jpg[]
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