"i can only play for 15 minutes so we need to end before then"

A person i had in my ranked game said they had to leave in 15 minutes because they thought they had time but the loading screen took too long... This is the most infuriating thing i have ever seen. I get rage quitting because you are mad or trolling because you are mad or something like that but why the hell would you que for a ranked game when you KNOW you don't have at least 40 minutes of time to play a game. And no this wasn't someone having an emergency or something, that would be understandable they joined knowing full well they didnt have time to play a game and screwed over 4 people that were actually trying to win, and we were winning but ended up losing because they grouped and over powered us. What shit way to lose a game... Don't join a game if you don't have at least 40 minutes of time to play a game because you are screwing 4 other people over...
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