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Beforehand I would like to apologize if this post is not in the right spot of the boards I really dont know where it should be if this is not the right site. Recently I played a game which I won, in the enemy team there was a guy who did not say anything in the whole game but in the end he sent me a friend request and I thought he wanted to play duo with me like other times that has happened to me with other players but it was not like that instead he sent me a message wishing death to me and my family and then he blocked me so the chat was deleted and I did not have time to take captures to present as evidence for the report, with this context I would like suggest that private chats be saved a certain time after someone blocks you, for example half an hour would be more than enough to take captures and thus have evidence to present to the support and validate the reports for cases like this and that the players who carry out these actions can be sanctioned as they should be. I would like to read your thoughts about it.
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