What's the best way to close out game as pantheon?

So far I have played 8 game of pantheon and lost 3. They are lost mostly because I was the only one ahead and I suck at closing out game myself . A lot of times we would win the early game fights, but the waves are killed during the fight and we had nothing to push with, or sometimes team just back without trying to take A turret. End up stalling game long enough for me to be useless. I find more success after switching up my build. I would only build yummus and BC for damage and go tanky after that(GA sometimes) since his ad damage scaling is even worse than before. Surviving the engage is definately helping me with the late game fights. But even then I still struggle to do much there. Tl;dr Panth late game damage scaling is worse now, how do you close out game quickly when ahead. The games are played on my Smurf btw, SteamedDumplingX
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