Why doesn't the League Client have 2 Factor Authentication yet?

I mean come on guys, this stuff has been _standard_ for most game clients for years. I bring this up because I've had my account compromised by some scripting pos who played one game and then my account was instantly permabanned. (Yes I've opened the ticket, changed all my passwords, run anti-malware/virus, but it seems like a total coinflip whether your player support rep wants to be cooperative or not). But implementing 2FA into the game would just fix this kind of issue, and I just simply fail to see why that is a difficult implementation. Hell, you could just use google authenticator or something right? Idk just irritated. Am I missing something? Why, almost 10 years later, do we still not have something as utterly basic as 2FA? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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