Riot Avoiding Criticism

I'm extremely disappointed in Riot's recent Prestige Skins, I know there's a lot of threads like this on the Boards already but I just wanted to bring a few things to light. If you look at both of the Feedback Thread's you'll see a pretty decent amount of down-votes, you'll see comments of players saying that these skins are just cash-grabs and feel extremely low effort. The funniest part of this to me is that these comments were made before it was revealed that Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox would cost around $105 and was locked behind a paywall. People are already getting burned out from Prestige skins and it leaves a bad taste in a lot of player's mouths. I didn't manage to find the comment but on one of these Feedback Threads I remember a Rioter saying that they planned to do this for every event and there was a lot of push-back from players saying they didn't want that but it seems like they're still going forward with that plan. I don't mind it when game companies try to make money when it feels fair and genuine. What I do mind is when these companies try to pull an Activation or EA to push sales for short-term instead of long-term profit. I'm not sure if Tencent is the main reason for these aggressive business moves but please understand that players are starting to feel tired. LoL players on Boards are not toxic, they're just tired of mistreated and unheard.
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