Dirty move of Riot with this years winter sales

Every year we get a bundle for all the new winter skins, but this year we do not get one. And with the chromas this time around all chromas are available to be purcased individualy except the ruby / red christmas one. If you want the christmas one you have to purcase the bundle where you are forced to get all the chromas! A full priced skin is 1,350 and a full priced chroma is 290. Thats 1,640 RP for the content (most) people want in my opinion. Instead we have to pay 2,420 to get it. Thats 780 RP extra per skin we want! So if we want all 5 skins we pay 12,100 instead of 8200, costing us 3900 extra RP... In other words this year Riot is beeing way more greedy than ever before. Sigh.. People should realy call them out on this... {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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