Stop with the AR URF

Now im going to sound like im bitching, in a way I am, but this is just how I feel about the situation overall. AR URF is no where near as fun as old URF. I understand the concept of wanting to add diversity into the game mode. However, in a way the game mode is obviously diverse itself. I believe one of the root problems Riot had with URF was that people complained about people playing the same champions and some things being completely overpowered. In my opinion, everything is overpowered in URF therefore there should be nothing to complain about. As well as with the new ban system, wouldnt it just be logical to ban specific champions you find annoying? The new URF mode isnt fun to me just because of the fact that you might get a champion that is not your prefered choice and takes the enjoyment out of the game overall. I enjoyed playing Zed, Riven, Rengar, and Diana the most in the mode. I cant enjoy anything about the mode just due to this monstrosity that has become AR URF. Rito Pls. Keep the AR stuff in ARAM and just let people play what they want and be able to ban what they want. Make URF enjoyable again.
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