How balance problemes are discussed: "Everyone does too much damage"?

In riot's balance team there are a lot people who know a lot about this game, ranked in very high elo. There are high-elo streamers, that make a living of playing league of legends, discussing gameplay issues for several hours in the youtube series "beyond the rift" (imaqtpie, scarre, +guests mostly). They talk about how the game changed, how agency/impact over the game shifted, how objectives changed, and where issues arise from changes. They all admit that current balance issues are very VERY complex, and intervening with each other, and non of them dares to give a suggestions that can guarantee to fix the game. But beware folks. We have some ignorant silver-ranked board users that found out the true essence of all balance issues and can even summarise all problemes that those high-elo players discuss hours and hours upon, in a single sentence: "Everyone does too much damage!" And they are even smart enough to offer a solution to all problemes that this game has at the moment: "Nerf the damage of everyone" Let's make a thought experiment for a few moments. What would happen if right now everyone does 15 or 20% less damage? Everyone would pick tanks. Tanks aren't weak at the moment, but if everyone has less damage, taking down tanks would be up to impossible. Because tanks are op, everyone would play tanks. Resulting in even less damage across the whole team. Teamfights would last several minutes, because nobody is ever beeing killed, tanks like mundo or maokai would heal themself more than the whole enemy team does damage to them. Games wouldn't end before minute 90, because only after minute 90 death timer are long enough, so that teamfights can come to an end without the players respawning and rejoining the figth. The game would be a disaster! Ten times worse than it is now. So we need nerf tankiness aswell right?. Clearing jungles would be much harder with sever nerfs of damage and tankiness, junglers would gank much less in the early game. Nobody really has enough damage to kill his lane opponent in 1v1. So everyone can just pick lategame hypercarries. Lategame hypercarries have a free early game, they can farm unhindered. Every single game would be 0-0 after 25 minutes, because everyone just farms. There would be no reason to ever go for a play. The first 25 minutes of every game would be wasted time, nobody doing anything anyways. And the game is decided by who picked the better lategame teamcomp... Is this the solution to everything?= No it's not. I get tilted everytime i read thos "Everyone does too much damage" threads. Yes, the gamebalance is pretty bad at the moment, but it's anything but easy to fix it. It's not going to be solved just like that. And from what I see riot is doing now, they are on a good way to improove the game. They announced to rework adcs midseason, they want to work on soloplays having more impact on the game, and plan on adding shieldbreaking mechanics for assassins. But the process of making the game great again is a very long and tough road. Despite how bad the gamebalance feels at the moment, can we please just stop posting/upvoting these overly ignorant posts "Everyone does too much damage, just nerf everything please"?
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