Apparently I should be banned for trying to Proxy farm as Singed Vs a Teemo.

What else am I supposed to do against a ranged abusive poke spammer while I'm playing a fucking tank? Oh right, nothing because Riot thinks it's ok for that to exist top lane. So what you're suggesting me do is this? A: Not get any farm while the teemo just freezes the lane. B: Get poked out into oblivion. C: Basically be AFK because I'm melee VS ranged top lane while sitting under tower. So in other words, I have to souly rely on my team to carry me. I have to roll the dice to see if my team is able to make up for the fact that I physically cannot fucking play the game. Sorry, but that's not playing the game. That's gambling. There should never be any circumstances in the game where you fucking lose because you first picked before their top lane and you auto lose your lane due to top lane ranged aggressive bullshit. This shit has been going on for years, and I'm sorry if this comes off as a rant, but it's god damn frustrating that I cannot even play an entire class.
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