Some more Kayle updates from Jay

So having played her quite a bit now I've settled onto some comfortable ruin and build optimizations that depend on the matchup and game state. Klepto is the go to keystone for most people, but there's a number of bad situations for it. Against something like a Kennen or GP who can proc it much more easily, at less of a resource cost, and much more often, it's a really bad idea to take it in these types of matchups because they are going to be proccing two or three times for every one proc you get in a klepto war in addition to out trading your health and mana bar. In some matchups like Orianna or Azir you can't really get in range to proc it and it's a useless rune. Basically this is a rune to only take into passive matchups against melee bruisers or tanks that you can spam e off cooldown and still clear the waves without using mana. In tougher matchups where I can't run klepto I've been using mostly fleet footwork and lethal tempo (depending mostly on whether the sustain in lane is relevant) and mostly default to lethal tempo in most matchups as this gives some pretty insane level 1 dueling power that I'm often able to use to cheese first blood against many aggressive champions like Riven, Irelia, Jax, and Renekton. If these level 1 encounters are played correctly by Kayle with fully stacked passive and one or 2 e chip shots while making sure lethal tempo is available to proc for the all in its easy to secure kills against even ignite taking opponents when I take TP. At this point, I'm always runnning Manaflow Band and Transcendence secondary. Both feel great, although I've had some success going with Taste of Blood and Ravenous whatever (the one that heals from ability damage) for sustain. Item builds I've gotten into a sort of "build for that specific game" kind of style and it's very effective. The dream of getting really far ahead really early often lends itself to the solo hard carry 1v9 build that is pretty standard on high level play: {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3148}} {{item:3116}} with boots as needed and a 6th flex item slot that loves to be {{item:3089}} In games where my team is rather lacking in front line and I can't afford to be super squishy as well I default to more of a bruisery style with {{item:3078}} or {{item:3115}}, and {{item:3116}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3157}} with a 6th item flex slot that can be just about anything. If I can afford to be super greedy and have the front line and engage to enable it from my team then crit Kayle is fantastic aoe DPS (her waves can crit for true damage fyi): {{item:3078}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}} , usually with {{item:3026}} as the defensive option or {{item:3116}} if I can get away with always saving my ult for myself. New Wit's End is amazingly good on Kayle. It's absolutely my rush item of choice into AP matchups, otherwise I usually rush the Triforce or Nashors (although rushing this last one requires some really exceptional play in lane to make it work. Farming can be hella hard with a small mana pool until you learn the basic laning patterns in all matchups), and sometimes {{item:3153}} into health stacking champs. Usually I like to make my first back early with 800 gold and grab {{item:1082}} x2 or one and a {{item:1083}} as this purchase really helps me get through laning phase from that point on and I can move into core item purchases now that I've gotten some extra mana and lane sustain power. Often times in matchups where the opponent has crazy life gain I grab an early {{item:3123}} instead or on my second back.
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