Let's chill with some Blitz!

Good Evening! I understand that tensions are high and there are a lot of players frustrated and in pain. As a player support specialist, I have gone through my fair share of tickets written in by you all and for a one day event, I’d love to talk to some of you while we game! This upcoming Saturday from 12pm pdt to 10pm pdt will be a chance for at least 100 players to have a chance to talk from their heart about whatever it is they want to talk about. The goal here is to have a respectful conversation. We can talk about mostly anything you want to talk about. Do you folks wish to vent? That’s fine as well. It’s a rough time right now and I understand. I believe in Riot as well as the Players. We get frustrated because we care. So here’s a shot at a private group conversation for some. The plan? League Voice Comms, Nexus Blitz, 5 man premades. We go in strong and just talk. It’s just the 5 of us. No stream, no calling out, no filters on you. I will not Judge and I will not execute. I want to listen. 1. How do I sign up? Respond to this post with your summoner name. First 50 to sign up are in and the 2nd 50 will be raffled from the remainder should we surpass 100 sign ups. I will edit this post tomorrow by 7:00 pm pdt with the list of players and expected start times for each game. 2. Why Nexus blitz? It’s fast. It’s Fun. It’s Domi… I mean nexus blitz allows games to normally end around 20 minutes no matter what which allows me to better to potentially run 2-3 games an hour so I can give more chances to more players to talk. 3. Why am I doing this? I’ve played League for 7 years, and been a Rioter for .5. I love league of legends. It’s been a huge part of my life and has led to so much. I care, maybe way too much, but I’ll more than gladly wear it on my sleeves. And talking to players has always been fun. We get heated, we get passionate but at the end of the day, we come back. I believe in you all and I want to believe in Riot as well. Thank you and see you on the Rift <3 **Edit: **With the time passing, sign ups are now closed! The names have been randomized and the last 50 have been slotted. The way this will work is you can find your name and see what time you were slotted for. Regardless of how long the game lasts, you will have the full 25 minutes to talk. Whether most of it takes place in the post game screen. What I ask is you be punctual for your time slot. I will wait at most 2 minutes after before pressing the queue up button with whoever's shown up. This is out of respect for all the players who are waiting for their turn. There were roughly 33 people left who couldn't get slotted for tomorrow. afmghost PerfecJhin Ragnarok GedweyStenr TheFoxLord StealthyReagan Skorch pc99 Slythion Ifneth Otterlylost NMO Cynder MoonBlight Im Not a Fan xAricolx Elohaven Càptain Bone Triistana Mylon Requiem The Stoneweaver Kahl Drogo98 PressTabToDab Seiferoth CigAhri Zetres SayoriWantsToDie Frozenfrostfyre TheSnowyLopard Dr Midnight Toomin22 Worst Kench NA Somber Rites Altonius Amakiir My apologies, considering there were so few left I have your names saved in case I can do something another time. You all will have priority. Without further ado. [Timeslots for Everyone](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/114TqKqI7QvFNw3baQCgB-x8FrYZMLSsfKNAv1C37p8U/edit#gid=0) Remember these times are currently in PDT so adjust as needed.

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