Sylas' Design

Sylas steals enemy champions ultimates with his own ultimate. Sylas is an AP bruiser with AP bruiser abilities. visually and thematically he is mr sexy 30yo male with jeans and no shirt who uses his chains for his attacks. yes? so lets see, how does Sylas kit synergize with itself? how do his P Q W E R work together? and are they thematically cohesive with his visual design? what makes him "Sylas" and not "mr bruiser #40" ? the answer is, it is not synergistic, it is not cohesive, the only thing that makes him Sylas and not mr bruiser #40 is his R. Sylas is not Sylas, he is "R". "that champ who steals ults". i imagine his design *likely* started with the question "what if we made a champion that could steal abilities?", and then using that as the base point, continued from there. let me ask you, what the fuck does having 3 dashes have to do with being able to steal abilities? his R could have just as easily been placed on the chassis of a marksman, or assassin, or mage, or tank, or support. in fact it wouldve fit a mage the best probably, but that cant happen because they just released a mage in neeko? by the way, neeko suffers from the same "what if this cool ability was in the game" bullshit, but not nearly to this extent. born from the obsession of having the skill to steal abilities in the game, comes mr R in all his glory. thats all he is, "that one character that steals abilites". can i reference rubick here? a character from DOTA2, who is also largely known for being able to steal abilities. however he is not "mr steal ability guy" he *actually is Rubick!* why? because every other one of his abilities is Rubick. His Q is Rubick, his passive E Arcane Supremacy is fucking Rubick to a T. everything about him makes sense with itself thematically AND mechanically. let me ask you again, what the fuck does having 3 dashes have to do with being able to steal abilities?
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