Riot's Reporting System is Easily Abusable

So... Riot's report system is probably one of the easiest to abuse ever. Do to the entire system being revolved around knee-jerk reactions instead of... oh I don't know; Feeding Trolling Griefing ect ect Did someone say a mean word to you??? Don't worry Rito will get right on that! Were you arguing with someone in game and you got your feelings hurt??? JUST REPORT THEM! Riot wont punish you for it because you didn't get reported because the person you were arguing with had common sense and said hey this is just how humans sometimes interact no reason to beg for consequence. Riot will be sure to swiftly punish them! Now hold on... is that a person... INTING?!?!?!? Like full blown trolling!??!?! Meh... give it a few hundred report tickets before we will do anything about it. Hey Riot. That guys is clearly trolling and griefing! Meh. We have the report ticket but we never check those. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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