How is 100 IP better than 40% of the cost?

I purchased _all_ runes prior to Season 2017. At a 40% Refund (which you previously announced), I calculated that I would be receiving a 170K IP refund for my rune purchases. This was _barely_ enough to purchase URFWick, with the current cost stated to be 150K IP, but I reasoned this was probably intentional since it allows completionists to afford the skin, which is a good upper-benchmark for how much IP accounts are likely to have. (And it still leaves 20K IP to purchase some chromas and other things in the IP sale.) But "you heard our complaints about how poor the previously announced refunds" were set to be (not from me, mind, I was hyped), so instead you're refunding 100 IP per non-quint and 300 IP per quint purchased before 2017. This totals at a measly 100K. Please say the values are still subject to change? I've been burning my IP during each Chroma sale simply because there was no other use for it. Spreadsheet of refund values:
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