Tip Suggestion. Will help SO MANY people be better player!!!!!

Whenever someone dies the paperclip from Microsoft Word should appear and explain in detail why dying is bad. It could say things like "Dying means you just gave the opponents gold and that's bad" then it could be like "While you are dead like this you can't do anything and that doesn't help your team much now does it" then on your third death in lane he could suggest items "I see you are feeding maybe you should build a defensive item and not attempt to duel your lane opponent" after that maybe a little customer service survey like " please respond with the best answer: A: I should not be in this MMR it is far to high for me. B: I am actively trying to be a lower rank it's all Cool C: please just demote me for this game and don't punish the rest of the team. Thank you in advance for your implementation of this idea RIOT.
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