Necessary Changes to "Muting"

1. If I mute someone in game, that mute should continue over into the post-game screen. 2. If someone is muted in game, that information should be taken into account and assigned value in reports. 3. Reward players who choose to mute instead of engage. > I am a person of honor and I _**will not hesitate **_ to defend myself against baseless claims, pejoratives, and the like. Muting someone instead of engaging with the said toxic individual should reward those that choose to mute over defending themselves (which of course just escalates the situation)--it's hard for some of us (I know I'm not the only one) to mute when we know there is someone targeting us in chat behind the mute. Adding a reward or assigning value to a mute in reports gives me and others like me an incentive (because one doesn't exist, currently) to mute and to not engage. > > I also think a better reporting system which gives more feedback on what happens to our reports would help solve this issue entirely.
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