Petition to have "Move Camera On Revive" option also apply to recalls

Thank you **so much** Riot for the option to disable having my camera yanked off of the action whenever I respawn. However... When i'm not dead, but low on health, and I have to recall before I can join the team for the big push and impending teamfight, it's irritating that I still get my view yanked back to the spawn for no good reason. Literally the only reason it would help to have your camera return to the spawn is if you need to click the shop to open it. I have checked the "Move camera on revive" box, so clearly I know how to press P and open the shop. Please disable returning the camera to spawn for players who have checked the "Move camera on revive" option. Alternatively, add a second box for "Move camera on recall". That is all. Thank you for your time.
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