It'd be nice if Riot would give us new refunds.

[]( Almost two year passed since Riot responds about giving new refunds **Why are refunds capped at three per account? Would you ever raise the limit?** _League of Legends content is intended to be permanent. However we want players to feel good about the content they purchase, so we developed the refund feature to give every player a solution for those rare situations where they purchase content and quickly regret it, and are sure that they will never want to use that content in the future. Many players have never used their refunds, while others have used one, two, or three of them over time. We established a limit of three refunds and still believe that is the right number (this gives players leeway to refund purchases but also protects the overall system from abuse). We’ve explored granting more refunds at times, but discovered that the majority of players would prefer free content instead, so each year we have steadily increased the amount of content players receive just for playing the game. Refunds and free content both come at considerable cost to Riot, so we have to carefully focus on which to prioritize to deliver value to players and protect our ability to operate as a business. That said, while we have no current plans to issue more refund tokens in 2017, it is something we will continue to explore in the future as more players hit the three refund cap._ **HIPPALUS** eCommerce Director So now i ask, its really a problem? Give limited refunds, so that they only serve "X" time after you have purchased a skin with RP. You could give 1 per year, or even 1 each "X" amount of RP purchased. I don't think I'm asking for much. Have a nice day.
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