Nexus Blitz Feedback

It is not a secret that I, among others, am not a fan of the Nexus Blitz mode; however instead of just calling it crap and leaving it at that I thought I should give constructive feedback to Riot on what is putting their playerbase off. 1. This game was advertised to be a sped up and chaotic version of summoner’s rift with 3 lanes and 2 junglers; this cannot be further from the case. The third lane, top lane, does not actuallly exist because there is no minion spawn therefore the lane merges into the jungle and having enemy turrets in the jungle camps is not fun. Literally I have never seen a single top turret taken in any game. This match overall feels like a much worse aram. 2. Calling position before match (lane or jg) is essentially worthless bc there will always be 3 mid and 2 bot with 1-2 ppl roaming between the two. It doesnt matter if you are assiged jg and just camp a lane anyway or if you are assigned lane and leave ro kill jg camps. The biggest annoyance is if you are assigned lane you do not have the option to take smite, even if you need it for your build; on the other hand if you are assigned jg you cannot get rid of smite. This is very annoying and not fun in the slightest. 3. Missions: the missions require certain events or certain event rewards out of a huge list of events amd rewards and you only get 3 randomized per match; really sucks for you when you have a mission to complete but never get that 1 mission or reward you need to do it. I have seen people complaining that they had to play 20+ matches to fet the snowsled reward in the game bc it never came up before. This is nothing less than bullshit. 4. Lack of clarity: There seems to be a huge lack of info from Riot regarding the event leaving many people with questions, and aside from Riot Mort answering questions as best he can on twitter, most people are left in the dark. Some examples: - This event you have to click the have fun button in order for missions to appear. Not knowing this I played 4 games before finding out by myself on accident; 4 games that could have counted toward mission progress. Last mission didnt require this bullshit, why was it even added? And why did Riot not explain this? - this event has missions with 2 objectives, completing the bottom objective rewards 2 rewards whereas completing objective 1 gives you one reward. This was never explained, and those who did the top objective are locked out from doing the bottom objective, they got screwed. - How the event prizes and tokens work, I have seen Mort’s twitter spammed with questions because god forbid Riot put an info page up with detailed info. - Condradictory info from Riot: Im looking at you on this one Mort. I asked Riot Mort on twitter if the poro icon was exclusive to the NB tokens or if there would ever be another way to get it. He told me the only way to get it would be playing NB. He then tells someone else on twitter it will be purchasable for 350 rp in the store. Make up your mind Mort, which is it? Overall I am not a fan of the mode, and many others also wish that poro king had come back instead.

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