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So let me tell you guys: A few days ago I queued up for a game and I got autofilled. This is unacceptable. I am a midlaner and I only play one champion. Even though I know, I could learn one easy champion for every other role, I shouldn't be forced to do that, because I don't want to. After all, I am a paying customer in a free to play game, because I bought a skin for 5$ a few years ago. After thinking about this probleme I came up with a brilliant solution that needs to be implemented. Remove autofill. (Sidenote: There was a time we had a queue without autofill at the start of season 6, and players hated the extreme queue times. But I chose to ignore this fact deliberatly, because it contradicts my argument. Nobody is allowed to mention this fact, or he will be downvoted from every single one of my 3 accounts) Just think about it: If riot removes autofill, everyone gets their prefered role all the time and nobody has to wait long queue times at all. And yes some roles might be more popular than others, but this is not relevant here. We can also expect a vast improovement in the quality of games. There will be no feeders, trolls or afks in your team anymore, because autofill is removed. And all the players will only win games, because autofill is the only reason people loose games in the first place. Either you are autofilled or one of your teammates is autofilled, and then you loose because whoever is autofilled underperforms extremly. As you can see there is not a single downside to removing autofill and it will solve a lot of problemes league of legends currently has. At this point removing autofill is the only right thing riot can do.
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