Riot needs to do a better job at tracking, fixing, and responding to bug reports from the community.

There are many larger companies out there that accept bug reports from their community. I've worked quite a bit with an online game engine called "Unity3D", which has an elaborate bug reporting system. In Unity's bug report system, each and every bug report is tracked, and is either fixed, or marked by Unity as "not a bug". It may take as long as a whole year for a bug report to receive a final response, but eventually, every single bug report I've ever reported to them has received an official response. But with Riot, you submit a bug report and all you get is a picture of Jhin giving you a creepy look, and a message telling you that your bug report was received. There's no system to track those bug reports, no way to see a list of your past bug reports, or any way to tell if Riot ever even looked at them. Riot needs to realize that if they want their company and their games to stay top rated, they need to constantly be expanding their code, and not just pumping out new skins. The code needs to improve. Think of big companies like Amazon. If you've ever worked with Amazon Web Service (AWS), you'd be amazed at just how much quality code they have produced. It's not just good products that Amazon sells. They've created code, incredible amounts of quality code based products, to the point of being almost mind boggling how huge their code dev teams must be. And they keep improving their code. This is why companies like FaceBook and Amazon kept rising higher and higher, while other companies who did NOT improve and expand their code, such as eBay, MySpace, etc... those companies either died or fell behind significantly over time. And this is what scares me about Riot. They remind me of MySpace and eBay. They have a great product, but they aren't expanding it, aren't improving it, not nearly as much as they could. They seem to be content with a picture of Jhin and text message that says "Yo, we gots your bug report". That's better than nothing, but in a world where other gaming companies are hotly competing for players, that kind of low quality code isn't going to stand the test of time. Honestly, Riot just seems kind of lazy. Years go by and we've seen very little work done on Riot's code. Skins come out every few seconds, but improvements to major code products, and new code products, and new code features, are very rare. Bugs in the client hang around for a really long time. New features in the client are extremely rare. Is Riot struggling financially, or something? But back to my original topic, it would be nice if Riot would design a super complicated, super facy bug tracking system, so that users like me who frequently report bugs... well it would be nice if I could see my bug reports, and I think Riot should either fix or officially respond to every bug report, because other big companies like Unity3D do that, and they get tens of thousands of bug reports. So if they can do it, Riot can do it too. Also, the ability to let the community vote on new feature suggestions, and to track and get official responses to those feature suggestions, would be nice.
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