Will there be anymore Ultimate skins coming out?

Just have two question to ask about ultimate skin would like to get a riot feedback if possible. 1) Will we get another ultimate skin for a top lane champion? We currently have mid={{champion:99}} ,Adc={{champion:81}} {{champion:21}} , Support={{champion:37}} , jungle={{champion:77}} but no top. A champion i think would be great for the ultimate Skin is {{champion:24}}. What would make his ultimate skin unique is that everytime he skill a champion he take their weapon and use it. (Except for range weapon). Another perk that it could have is that he change his armor to any faction. 2) What your thought on allowing us to upgrade legendary skin to ultimate skin or maybe a tier below ultimate called ultra Skin? For example you have star guardian lux skin and you want to give her a super mode because all anime magic girls have a super mode. We could purchase a package to add on this new feature to use in game.
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