Now that ranked is officially over it's time to discuss the future of Riot

Look I'll be honest. This client that's basically a virus is the one thing I can't out up with. I can deal with flamers, AFKers, and inters. I can't deal with a client that plays Russian Roulette with bugs do hard that you're praying the enemy team has an AFK or your team does because someone pissed off your Zilean that died during invade and now he's running it down mid. And then if you did make it in game games felt like so much of a coin flip it was insane. In the past few weeks of my grind I did not have a sind game where we were evenly matched and the game was enjoyable. Every single game had some lane going elsewhere because they can't survive in their intended lane due to reasons. On told of that someone is getting stomped so hard morale just flies out the window. And if that lane is not no one wants to continue. I have never seen a 0/8 Ashe be more intimidating than a 12/0 Jax or Aatrox or Renekton. That literally makes no sense. Jungle is the biggest joke becaus if you focus on bot because it's losing your other lanes suffer so hard you lose anyway but camping bot is the only viable option. I just...idk. These pre-season changes only seem like they're going to make things worst from here. The client turns into more of a mess and since today is patch day I'm sure there will be 40 new bugs on top of the old ones and no one will care. We just want a decent client. We just want every lane to be relevant. We want items to not have exclusivity or to just have new items in general for all classes and not constantly remove items for no good reason.
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