riot what the hell did i do to you to deserve a loss streak like this???

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i just dont understand no matter what i do i can not win a single ranked game. im not saying i did great and hard carried every game but i did decent enough to deserve a few wins but every time it seems like were about to win the enemies pull a 180 and stomp us. either that or a teammate fed out their ass to a snowball champ early game. the loss is even bigger than whats shown in the picture i cant even fit all of it on the screen to take a screenshot. its gotten to a point where im literally warning people im in lobby with "hey i have a 20% winrate so chances are we might lose with me on ur team so you can dodge if you have to" and sure enough we lose every. single. time. and before this losing streak i had a you guessed it, winning streak...i just dont understand how are we supposed to climb when riot pushes win/loss streaks on us. i just dont get the system at all.
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