I’m sorry Riot but you needs to fix your shit...

1) Why is it that the only skins you guys can pump out are 1350 skins or higher? What, did y’all forget that you have lower prices?? I mean generally I won’t have a problem with it but when you give me a 1350 or higher skin I expect a 1350 or higher skin which includes new animations, new lines, new interactions, new emotes and dances, an actual in-game model that looks like the skin I bought and not it’s rendered down autistic cousin. Fix your shit Riot. Another thing, your so called “prestige” skins, sorry to break it to you but they’re just golden chromas and they not that special. So Riot if you gonna bring out average skins give them appropriate prices NOT 1350 and higher. 2) Remember when every 2 weeks y’all would give us a new game mode (yes the game mode lasted 2 weeks for those in the back) like Ascension, All for 1, 6v6, and the list goes on and on and on..... Remember those? Please bring it back, not everyone wanna play ARAM’s as a change of pace. ARURF is okay but it honestly doesn’t hold a candle to the other game modes and we have to wait months just to play ARURF so, what the hell man fix ya shit... I’d like to hear what other players think, if they agree/disagree, Riot employees if you see this do a thing, say something, anything, don’t just talk out your ass, I’m just sayin but yeah, peace ✌🏽..... {Also there’s a slight bug with Zoe’s E that if an enemy is right in front her she drop kicks the bubble over their head and sometimes the bubble don’t go the full distance when kicking it over/through walls, it’s really titling what that happens}
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