Victorious Skins Reworked

So the Victorious skins are supposed to be rewarding but the reward could be **infinitely more rewarding for players**. Just hear me out. When you get to gold and you are ready to receive your Victorious X skin, instead of having all of that hard work rewarded by a skin for a champion that you never cared about until you saw the teaser for the Victorious skin, _you get a Victorious skin that you want._ How does it work? 1. Receive Victorious Token (you can use the Riot, dw bb) 2. Open Loot 3. Click on the Token. Doing this gives you an overview of all the **existing** Victorious skins (Similarly to the way the Gemstone works in Loot) 4. Select your skin and you will be on your merry way to own your Victorious skin. 5. Congrats And for those who say that it takes away from the reward of each season, then consider this: **Custom Border for each Victorious skin that represents during which season it was acquired.** It wouldn't be impossible, since the game tracks when each skin is acquired and it wouldn't be a waste for Riot, since they thrive off of esports. If anything, promoting self improvement and growth among players will be rewarding for them. It might not be much for some, but for some players, it might just be the push in the right direction they need to learn to improve themselves and reach gold the next season. And for those who already reached gold and beyond since season 1 who are done being entertained with this post, here's the kicker: In practice, there isn't a border special for getting the Victorious skin on a champion on the season that they would get their skin released. However, for those who have had all of the skin since season 1 or even for those who have a great deal of Victorious skin, **you will have the Original order of borders for each skin, making it unique.** There can literally never be another Victorious Sivir with the S8 border after this season, so that makes it even more special. Conclusion? Please attract attention to this post so things can change. People will get their well deserved rewards, Riot will see improvement in their playerbase and the OG players will have something to show off because look at how cool they are they have Victorious Jarvan with S1 border!!! Sincerely, {{champion:201}}
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