I wont eat other peoples feces just to please Riots System of Ban.

Few days ago i played Ranked Duo with my friend and we got autofilled to bot and thats fine. We get a Karthus Jungler that was litterly AFK entire game then procceded to INT. We started at top side blue and enemies warded over the wall and i said pull the blue away from wall or Blitz will pull it. He procceds to not listen to me then gets his blue stolen and i ask him why does he not listen. In return i get flamed down to the earth by him saying its my fault for tilting him?!??!?? Anyways i go go lane i absouletly destroy enemies and at 11 mins my friends internet brakes and i end up in a 1v3 situation on bot in which i win and my Karthus dies on river and starts flaming me again cuz i didnt help him even tho i was 1v3ing bottom lane vs their bot and mid in procces of that WW that killed Karthus kills me and starts manicly laughing in chat for 40 secs straight pure spam and i asked him if hes r%%%%%ed? And it procceded in even more flame at 18 mins in my friend comes back into game and hes same lvl as our Karthus that was ingame. Karthus starts flaming my friend even tho hes litterly inting since start for which i remind him of. Then he starts typing in all chat how i flamed him entire game told him to go kill himself and so on. I just said i hope that ur parents can live with a r%%%%% like u in their house which got me 10games chat restricted just cause he trolled. Riot if you are serious about 0.006% being toxic community then review ur reports with everyone chat and punish properly Karthus didnt get shit for inting and i got restricted. FIX THE BROKEN SYSTEM THIS IS GOING ON FOR TOO LONG.
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