I wonder when we'll see another animal champ

Its 5:00 in the morning and I'm finding myself unable to knock out, so as my brain is just floating around in thought, it came to mind that its been quite a while since we've seen more of Runeterra's more feral animal (not partially human, sorry Vastaya) kingdom. Its one of those things I personally find interesting, where I doubt anyone else pays too much attention to, but I've always loved how different the perspectives of characters like Anivia and Kindred are about the world, coming from a more wild side of life. I honestly can't wait until {{champion:106}} and {{champion:33}} receive their due reworks in the future for this reason; after seeing how they expanded on Willump himself in the Nunu revamp, I have no doubt Riot will place some exciting introspective into their new lores. Which brings me to my point for this silly, half-dazed ramble: I wonder when we'll see another fully feral animal champion in the game. If it were up to me, I'd love to see some sort of elderly deer character with great, twisting antlers, who holds the secret to connecting to peoples' hearts. Or maybe a conniving serpent who dwells somewhere at the bottom of a forgotten lake, biding his time to strike once his name has phased from mankind's memory. I guess I'm just the kind that can't get enough of this game's world building, it really is one of my favorite things. Suppose I should end the blather here. If any of you have any interesting ideas you'd love to just share into the void, feel free to write them. I'd love to read.
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