Jensen, Doublelift, ICU and Forest (Challenger players weigh in on NB3 vs Teemo "support"

r/leagueoflegends - Jensen, Doublelift, ICU and Forest (Challenger players) come out in defense of NB3 for the recent controversy regarding the "roaming support" Teemo
Doublelift: guys if I was in my promo and game 5 a teemo support ran mid and soaked xp while I got zoned 1v2 I would 100% report it no questions asked imagine having a teemo support soaking xp mid and calling it a 'off meta strat' šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ hopefully i'll never have to experience this strat :) Irelia Carries U: nubrac has been a troll since season 4, i don't know why anyone is pitying him for the ban...
Their tweets if you don't want to open the link ND5 is human refuse but I do agree with them, and if any of you had a teemo pulling this in your games then i guarantee 99% of of you would report him for it
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