Is it wrong to dodge games?

I have started my team mates before I enter the games. my win rate isn't fantastic by any means 53% but atleast its positive. I just dodged a game because not a single one of my team mates had above a 50% winrate and my support had an astounding 29% winrate (13 wins 32 loses). That being said If I see a team mate with a 48% winrate but a 60% winrate on the champ they pick I am unlikely to dodge. Riot obviously doesn't want you to dodge and therefore they punish you for it. Honestly though I do not think its fair when you get a team that statistically is very unlikely to win. So my question is, is dodging actually wrong? should it even be punished as harshly? I personally think dodging in promos counting as a lose shouldn't happen. I believe every promo should come with a free dodge. For example my last set of promos I had a gp 1 trick (180 ranked games GP) with less than a 45% winrate on GP and he was on a 4 game lose streak. Personally I think you shouldn't be punished for not wanting to deal with that liability.
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