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Hi, I hope a Riot Dev may read this and is allowed and willing enough to answer ;) Since the recent patch that broke league on wine {{item:3070}} I have nothing better to do than write this post: And whilst we are on the topic: **Why are you handling anti-cheat on the client side?** An argument could and should be made that one can't do that on the client where you do not have any control of the system. Cheaters will always find a way around the most recent implementation and features of a local anti-cheat system. It's an arms race no one can win. Handling this issue on the server side would be the sensible choice like valve does it in CS:GO. And as a side note: it brakes wine compatibility every six months or so. **Support for Windows XP/Vista has ended. Are you planning on switching to a newer API (DX11/12, Vulcan)?** I suspect you are already on it since the recent [blog post]( indicates that you are doing heavy work on the engine right now. I am just curious on what we can expect in the future. **What is your stance on supporting Linux?** To be honest it is a long shot and I know it won't happen. But we haven't heard from Riot Games in years about this topic and time flies by. Proton and Google Stadia erupt. Maybe opinions and strategies change. Thank you for reading and maybe some answers. Kind regards, A special snowflake in the community and a League player that wishes to play on Linux.
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