Perma ban ZOE

Hello riot im going to be banning zoe in all of my matches regardless of if any of my team mates want to play her. i dont feel she is the slightest bit balanced along with quite a few other champs that you just choose to neglect. i dont even really want to play your game anymore because of the poor direction your taking as well as the fact that you have robbed me of my REAL MONEY PURCHASES with very poor return. i have contacted your support on the issue and was pretty much told i was gettting butt fcked. I WOULD LIKE A FULL REFUND FOR MY REAL MONEY PURCHASES REGARDING RUNE PAGES AND MY IP BOOSTS THAT I PAYED FOR TO HELP PURCHASE OVERLY PRICED RUNES THAT HAVE BEEN RELATIVELY FINE FOR MANY MANY YEARS. I feel like i could get a petition to get my money back as this is literal robbery. Nothing exept a minimum of a 80% refund on all my purchases regarding rune pages and ip boost will suffice at this point. your choosing to ignore your fan base witch PAYS YOUR PAY CHECKS and letting them deal with a highly toxic community while you cater to your whims and a few select pros. i feel your becoming a terrible company and hope that you shut down in the near future to to the neglect of many champion balancing issues as well as robbery. have a horrible day riot/
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