Can we talk about Ashe (The Frost Archer)

*sigh* Where do I start? Ashe {{champion:22}} .....She is one of the first ADC’s in the game with that being said nothing really changed on her since day 1. Looks wise I have no problem with her, Ashe is bae (love that white hair). Plain and simple. Her voice lines, taunts, dance, etc. they trash, simple and plain... Moving on Her kit... Her kit brings nothing much to the table. Bio and concept wise Ashe is supposed to be a magical ice archer badass which is cool (pun intended) but in-game she’s an average attack speed minion with a slow who has no mobility and escapes besides her ult.... Let’s start with the Passive Frost Shot: She attacks, She slows. She crits.....she slows even more. Really, that is, magical ice wielding archer and that’s the best you came up with, okay. Moving on The Q Ranger’s Focus: Build up stacks, shoot faster, apply passive. It’s a nice skill to have as an ADC. Does it do extra dmg, nope but okay. The W Volly: Shoots our 9 arrows in a cone and applies passive. Does okay dmg. Sounds like a nice skill but wait you only take dmg from 1 arrow...that’s the magic part of the skill (Oh how I wish you could see the “enthusiasm” on my face right now) The E Hawkshot (no not the Avenger): Also unlike the avenger this is actually useful, it’s gives map wide vision for the cost of no mana, the CD is a bitch tho but it’s easily one of her most useful skills, second only to her ult (if the ult hits that is, we’ll get to that shortly) The R Enchanted Crystal Arrow: the only magical thing on this woman and it is trash. Ashe fires a fuckin nuke (when building AP) that breaks the enemy’s ankles and stuns them and slows surrounding enemies, the further the arrow the longer the stun. If you can fuckin hit the arrow that is, this shit has to be the slowest skill shot in the game, it makes Ivern’s Q look like it’s going at Mach-10 speed. Tell me how is it that you made her E faster than her ult, a magical arrow, Speaking of magic that’s the only thing in her kit that has AP scaling, one would think that from her bio she would be a hybrid in-game or that she would deal bonus AP dmg but no....nothing. In conclusion...fix Ashe, make her the magical ice wielding arrow shooting reincarnation of Avarosa. As usual leave a comment, talk to me, tell me what your thoughts are on Ashe. (P.S: I know It’s Hawkeye not Hawkshot, just roll with it)
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