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Hi there! My name is m2nk and I’m league of legends player and editor in the past. I retired from it 2 years ago but since then I still staying in touch with the editing community. In that tread i want to explain what’s actually happening to the game developers. I’ll try to speak for Entire Editing Community. Enough with the introduction, let’s get to the problem itself. Since the ages players been looking for a way to express their vision of the game and share their archives in the game. And once they find it in editing (montages, highlights, clips etc) same once have once happened to League Of Legends. Unfortunately today we are all staying at the edge, and have to watch how everything we been working on is burning. And the reason is simple - You, Riot Games, destroying it. And the worst part - you don’t even understand you doing it, technically it’s all about your new “anti-cheat”. We all thankful to your for bringing it in the game as it’s been always needed, but you also ruining the only one tool, which is our everything, it’s literally our hands and legs. The tool is called “Created Suit Camera Tool” by SkinSpotlights which is counting less and less working features along with the every patches releases. Every patch you do is another nail in our coffin... You probably didn’t know, but a lot of people who been working in collaboration with you, also have used it. Once again: This is the only one tool we can work with. And I’m asking... No, I’m begging you, don’t let it die! As you will have a huge community buried. I know you’re clever enough to work stuff out, and figure out a way to keep us alive. Thanks. Your summoners. P.S if you have any questions related to LoL editing community- message me.
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