Stop nerfing Rakan

They've done it yet again. Another nerf on Rakan, and for God's sake, why? The last 4 changes to Rakan have been nothing but nerfs. I understand that in the beginning he felt a little too powerful but now, especially with the last patch this is completely unjust. This newest patch decreases his survivability yet again and cuts the dash speed of his W from 2050 to 1400, which is absolutely ridiculous. The people that have already seen it in game know how underwhelming his engage is now. I ask anyone, why? Why did you have to take away the core essence of Rakan, which is fast engages to crowd control the enemy. His new dash speed feels so lame, every other champion with a dash greatly outspeeds him, which should not be the case, since dashing is literally his kit. Engages are so predictable now, if you even dare to come close to dash in, the enemy can just casually walk out before you even reach them. Oh and forget about dodging anything as well. I don't think Rakan needs buffs or reworks, I just think he needs his core dash back. Give him his fast engage back, the one thing that people actually play him for. His heal is extremely weak, his shield is nonexistent, so please, let him keep his CC. For one of the top expensive supports right now, he feels weaker than ever. Until this is fixed, I believe there is few incentives to play him. Sincerely, A disappointed support main
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