Yuumi main looking for duo for next season.

Hey guys. Simply put, I hit Gold 1 this season, nearly Plat, and next season I'd like to aim for Plat 2 at the lowest, maybe try to hit D4 as a Yuumi one trick. If anyone who's high Gold+ and has experience facing Plats in Ranked wants to practice in Norms, I'd be happy to see if we work together. I'm looking for a duo who is either an ADC, or someone who has synergy with Yuumi (i.e. a Yasuo or Yi main or some other Ardent abuser). In the past I've peaked Plat 3 80 LP ish in previous seasons, and i've played every role besides ADC. I peaked as a Zyra support player before, so I can play other things, I just prefer to play Yuumi exclusively nowadays (as far as Ranked goes). I usually put Jungle secondary and can Jungle decently well as well if need be; I do it quite often. If you're curious to see if we match add me in game or respond to this thread.
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