Sell us Announcer packs already

Take my god damn money. I have 50K ORange Essence. I need to use it. I also have real world monies. Take that too. Bring back the 1) phreak 2) SG Ahri 3) gangplank bilgewater event one from like S6 Make new ones 4) EVELYNN. 5) A pulse fire one with Cait and Ezreal 6) have some tilted/angry riven one 7) Kindred and The wolf 8) Nunu and Willnump (spelling) 9) Draven Come on. Every year we make a thread and we request this. It’s literally another revenue channel on the League store. You added bad luck logic to Hextech rolls but in turn nerfed the shit out of Orange Essence returns, so we know you’re a bunch of penny pinching cheapskates, yet you won’t sell us $10-20 announcer packs..... I’m confused.
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