Me and my wife spent $2,000 on this game in the last year - Here is my opinion on Eternals.

TLDR; We have spent $2,000 in one year on this game but won't spend another dime if Eternals releases in it's current form. I know that there are a lot of these threads going around but I wanted to share mine, from the prospective of a "whale". We have both been playing this game for about one year. I am 29 and my wife is 24 and I guess you would call us die-hard players (although we aren't the best). I am already almost level 275. We don't go out to bars or do anything expensive for "date night" since we are both gamers. Honestly I don't know HOW we managed to spend so much - a few skins each week or buying big packs during events, I guess it adds up. Anyway I have never had any problems justifying this expense for two reasons. First of all, we can afford it since I have a good job as an Engineer & we have no kids. As I stated before we don't really do date nights because we just prefer to stay home, game & watch adult swim, south park, etc. while we do it. The money we save from not going out drinking and out to eat I'm sure is more than we spend on League. Again, $2,000 is a rough estimate - it could be much more. I was only able to calculate that much from my checking account but that doesn't account for the numerous gift cards I've been awarded at my job for various achievements (also the $250 we got as a wedding gift from coworkers that mostly went into League). The second reason is that we feel that skins are a fair and long term benefit. We enjoy using skins & since I'm an ARAM player it's nice to have skins for all possible champs I might play. For the most part skins I buy I do feel that work was spent creating them that can justify the cost. I also understand that anyone **CAN** unlock skins through normal play so I don't feel like a greedy bastard that has some paid advantage over my opponents. **Even the event passes I've been fine with -_ I've gladly turned over 2% of my yearly income_ for you creating content that me and my wife enjoy, as much of our time spent together bonding is through League of Legends. ** And then came the Urf pass. This really was the first time that I raised an eyebrow to Riot's money practices. Of course I bought the pass because I quite loved Urf but all the while I felt that it was a very greasy way to make money and essentially gave paying players like myself an advantage against those f2p players, which really breaks the spirit of a game like League - with that said it was a limited time event and quickly dropped from my mind. Then came the prestige points. I felt like this system was far too expensive & that Riot intentionally separated "event prestige skins" from "prestige point skins" as a greedy means to make even more money. I had one piss poor experience lately during the Battle Academia event. Basically I thought that I could use Prestige Points to get the Lux skin when it released. I already had 65 prestige points so I went ahead and bought a $100 event pack to get the rest of the points I needed for the skin. Since I had my 100 prestige points I went ahead and used 1k of my event tokens on other things. Once the Lux skin released I discovered I couldn't use my prestige points to obtain the skin EVEN THOUGH it's called a prestige skin. I contacted Riot support and begged them to trade my 100 prestige points *AND* the rest of my tokens (I still had over 1,000 left) for the skin. They refused. Support flat out told me that they understood and agreed the system is confusing but couldn't help me. To this day that still makes me mad. I did manage to grind enough tokens to still get the skin (and still have the 100 prestige points) so they sort of did me a favor by not making the trade but the lack of service to a customer who spends so much is unreal. Continue on to the biggest ripoff yet, Little Legends. When released me & my wife fell in love with them. She wanted that cute pink furyhorn so bad. So I said okay, let's buy $50 worth and I'm sure we will get some good stuff. Nope! She got ONE max level legend and it wasn't even the one that she wanted. Right at that moment I realized how fking insane of a ripoff Little Legends are and you know I haven't spent a DIME on those legends and I will not do so again, Riot should really be ashamed they are ripping people off so badly. I thought Call of Duty's loot boxes were bad but man looks like Riot wants to give them a run for their money. Then with a bad taste in my mouth from ripping me off with the Little Legends you announce this trash Eternals. What in the hell am I supposed to even do with Eternals? I spend my money so I can show off an achievement that is really only showing that Riot achieved scamming me out of $5 or $10. I won't feel proud to show this off I'll just look like a giant douche who is either super loose with their money or has their parents credit card. I'd rather go give a homeless person $10 next time they ask me outside Walgreens then pay $10 to show off how much money I have.. Christ this is just another thing to flash in front of all the players who are less fortunate, those players who live in countries where they have to go to a cyber cafe just to play the game. What a slap in the face, you can't even unlock it in regular crates!!! Total elitist bullshit. Bottom line is that this Eternal nonsense is, in the words of Bubbles from one of my favorite TV shows, FKING GREASY. G-R-E-A-S-Y. You outta be ashamed of yourselves and let this be a testament that you WILL LOSE some of your most loyal whales. $2,000 in my first year playing. 307 skins owned and that's not even including my wife's account. Feel free to look me up @Riot and if you do please respond to confirm that I have in fact spent this much (as I suspect it's actually closer to $3,000). I PROMISE you that I won't spend a dime on this game if you release Eternals in their current form. At LEAST give a base version of each champion to everyone for free. Also one last thing. STOP USING PR LIKE YOUR PLAYERS ARE STUPID. The ridiculous reasons for hiding Little Legends behind Loot Boxes and monetizing Little Legends is just so ridiculously dumb I can't believe you don't know we see right past it.
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