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After all of these changes, champions, items....its hard to think riot will ever be able to go back. Its almost impossible to go back to season 6 or 7 now. Too many champions added, too many changes. With each update, this game digs itself into a bigger hole. I have almost no faith that riot will ever change where this is going, so im gonna quit while im ahead. BTW i have gave up for a while, check my match history, im done with this game. Spending any more money is just gonna make riot richer after their game crashes under. You know riot can keep every cent they earn right? Even when the game goes under? Yeah wildstar didnt do that though, they were nice enough to refund everyone purchases (Excluding xp boosts dam) but riots Terms Of Agreement allow them to keep it ALL despite what happens to the game. Know why they wont punish the 1BE capsule glitch abusers like season 3 when people abused a similar glitch in the store? They are close to having most of the community leave, and they think its not worth the effort to fix anything in this game besides stupid and weird nerfs/buffs that they do each patch. They know as long as the millions of players in the dark are kept in the dark, they will still make profit. But just wait, riots gonna mess up so horribly that the 80% of the community not on forums, will turn their backs to this game, and riot will finally be finished.
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