How much action should be taken?

Had a game where the nami support on the team got upset at the adc for whatever reason, so this nami (only 4 min into the game) decides to abandon bot lane for the rest of the game (a 23min game) and left our cait to 1v2 her lane. (Enemy jungler took advantage and ganked bot often because of this.) Naturally, our adc was screwed. This same nami then came mid and stayed there, forcing enemy ganks in my mid lane. She kept over extending, playing WAY to agressive against the enemy Zed. She got caught out, dies, then decides to ping spam me because I didn't (and couldn't) save her because she had 3 enemy champs on her UNDER their tower. She then proceeds to ping spam me the rest of the game, any time there was a team fight she would literally do NOTHING to help us in any way. Then after we lost the team fight, she ping spams some more then dives into the enemy team by herself, basically inting at least 3 times during the game, and each time she dies, she tries to ping someone else as if everything she does wrong is the fault of everyone else. My question, how much action should be taken against players like this, because her behavior isn't exactly detectable by the system (if I understand it correctly) and I feel like no one else reported her (even though they said they would) because people were quick to up and get out of there at the end game screen. My other question, what are your opinions on how to deal with players like this? I'm like, yeah, sure, there is a mute button, so when the troll is talking out the ass I can just mute them, but a mute only goes so far to deal with a toxic player because they can ruin the game in other ways, such as intentionally feeding.
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