What Happened To League of Legends? Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqem7TI0XR4 This Youtuber hit the problems with the game right on the nail. I suggest everyone who has played the game for more than 3 to 4 years watch this. Everything this guy says is true. 1) Players are tired of the constant change and just don't want to invest the time in keeping up with game altering, kit ruining, and over complicated mechanics anymore. The game used to be so simple and fun. Now the game is just all over the place balance wise and Riot is purposely forcing players to play specific champions. When something is finally addressed or a new mechanic is implemented mid-season of the game, players are put on the spot to try and understand it. The game is in a constant state of Development and for how long it is has existed, it's getting really old. The example I am going to use are the Scuttle changes. The Scuttle changes didn't solve a purpose, didn't make the game more fun, and didn't improve on the experience of playing the game. The Scuttle changes appeared mid season, forced players to choose specific junglers in the jungle, and over-complicated something that was an easy fix. Daily, players are giving hate about the Scuttle changes but nothing is being done about removing the changes. Instead Riot is just going to ignore all feedback and keep it in the game because they wanted to shift the meta towards early game and duelist junglers. 2) Iconic champions are reworked and their identities are butchered. The first mistake was Karma and it just went downhill from there. The Developers claimed they learned from their mistakes about removing iconic features such as a dress, fan weapons, and shield bomb. In 2018 we are still seeing the same mistakes being made and we do not see any effort to make a positive change to rectify it. Too many champions are being over-complicated, completely changed, and the mains are being absolutely ignored. Iconic character elements, play-styles and abilities make it so the mains who dedicated years and years of passion and gameplay on them, no longer wanting to play on them or the game. 3) Popular champions get better skins, better reworks, and more attention. Too much attention is being put on champions like Ahri, Lux, and Ryze when we have champions like Krama, Lissandra, Morde, Shen, Skarner, Malz, Fizz, and so many others being ignored for any work. Some of these champions need a VGU and other ones need mistakes rectified that ruined what players loved about them in the first place. If your champion isn't Riven, Jinx, Ahri or Lux . . . you will not see work being put on these champions anytime soon. I have been extremely upset recently with the skins team missing the mark on so many of these iconic skin concepts that have been on the boards. Blood Moon Diana was a massive letdown. Blood Moon Eve was a massive letdown. Zyra's long awaited skin was a massive letdown. It sucks when you see a new and popular champion like Jhin, Rakhan and Xeyah get 3 skins in one year and very detailed. . . but you see champions like Heim get zero skins for years now and you see a champion like Zyra finally get a skin and it is a really bad one that isn't really good. It sucks that an obvious skin and great concept for Blood Moon Diana was on the boards, but the Development team cannot be bothered to have a toggle on and off button for her mask. 4) When the Youtuber in the video mentioned Dominion it really made me think back at that time when they did remove it from the game. I played Dominion so much back in the day and I remember being extremely vocal about removing it and the Developer's refusal to work on it. Dominion could have been worked on and made into another permanent gamemode. Another area in Runetarra could have been featured and the concept of Dominion and the graphics could have been worked on. We have something similar to Dominion but it is never up and it is far worse than old Dominion. Instead of working on content that could have been amazing for the game and offered something else to play other than the tilt inducing Summoners Rift, players who enjoyed playing Dominion were blatantly ignored and basically made fools for ever playing it. instead of Dominion we have Rotating Gamemodes that are not fun, not iconic, bland, boring, and are never up. -------- The game is changing too much and too frequently for players to enjoy it anymore. The game is changing too much and things that players actually loved about the game are being removed and replaced with complicated systems, bland gamemodes, kits, and poorly worked on ideas. The game has been completely marginalized and work is only done on content that is featured in the LCS, is popular, and what the Developers choose to actually put work into. The Development team wants to say one thing to the community about how much they don't want to change too much or that your favorite champion is finally going to get work done on them, to see that the game is no longer fun because of a over-complicated and un-fun Scuttle change and that for 5 years and 6 months your favorite champion is completely butchered and ignored for any work. The Developers want you to think they care when in reality they only care about what they want to work on as opposed to what they know needs to be worked on. League of Legends is far from the game I used to play in Season 2 and I do not find myself enjoying it anymore. It is changing way too much for me to care about keeping up with it anymore, some of my favorite champions, even today, are completely butchered, and it is just un-fun to play against over-conceptualized kits and mechanics in the game that doesn't need to be.
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