We need more villain battle events Riot!

{{champion:92}} Dawnbringer Riven +{{champion:157}} Nightbringer Yasou was first legendary battle {{champion:86}} God-King Garen + {{champion:122}} God-King Darius was second one Let's make more legendary battles please Riot! This thing is just super cool and interesting at the same time, It's one of the best stuff in League Here are my ideas about the future legendary battles between 2 villains: {{champion:23}} Battlemaster Tryndamere + {{champion:266}} Bloodmaster Aatrox? {{champion:107}} Voidhunter Rengar + {{champion:121}} Nighthunter Kha'zix? {{champion:10}} Lightbringer Kayle + {{champion:25}} Darkbringer Morgana? {{champion:236}} Deathhunter Lucian + {{champion:412}} Soulhunter Thresh? {{champion:114}} Dawnbringer Fiora + {{champion:24}} Sandbringer Jax? ( It might sound weird, but I picked Sandbringer because he is Shurmiman, and it matches him more than Nightbringer probably) {{champion:98}} Shadowmaster Shen + {{champion:238}} Shadowmaster Zed? {{champion:80}} Sun Guardian Pantheon + {{champion:2}} Frost Guardian Olaf? ( I am not sure about this one, but I picked it more of an optional because Spartans and Vikings were having death matches in past) I don't think I remmeber all of the villains in League, but I am looking forward for your responses!
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