Banned for the actions of others in my games...

Recently I received a 14 day ban on my account. As I have never received punishments here on League I was really distraught ... I wrote into player support and they refused to listen to my side of the story. As such, I'm taking to the boards to see if people can agree with me that this ban was unjustified. I queued up with random people on my friends list and they invited another person that I didn't know. I was never in Discord, and I just wanted to play TFT. Because I lag a lot, I often type a letter in chat to see if my ping is bad (league ping notifier doesn't do me justice most of the time). I typed the letter N, ping seemed fine because the chat went through instantly. I ignored chat for most of the game besides dropping occasional banter which is what I do all the time. Nothing extreme, I just like throwing childish humor in my games. I don't pay attention to chat much because I have really poor vision and I have to crane my head up to the screen to make things out. What I wasn't aware of is that after I typed the letter N, the people in my premade typed more letters and spelled out a slur. I WAS NOT responsible for this yet I'm being punished. I've written two support tickets now with no luck... no Rioter seems to want to believe my story. As a player with a clean record and positive attitude PLEASE give this story a harder look ... it's not difficult to see that I'm innocent here.
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